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Walfas2Cast Ep 5 Topic (Nintendo Madness) 

9 deviants said Kirby's Dream Land
6 deviants said Legend of Zelda
6 deviants said RPG Series (Mother, Fire Emblem, etc)
5 deviants said Mushroom World (Super Mario Brothers, Yoshi, Donkey Kong)
5 deviants said Kid Icarus
No deviants said Metroid
No deviants said F-Zero


1. All work must be made using Walfas Create.swf or is walfas related which means walfas OCs as fan art, or we won't accept it as well as ecchi stuff. By ecchi I mean from anime pics. Walfas ecchi is fine.
2. Don't upload anything offensive, but violence is perfectly fine.
3. You can submit your comics about your OCs with Touhou characters here. we don't mind and we welcome them. That said, there is a difference between OCxCanon that is relevant to a comic's plot, and a comic which is just an engine for waifu. We do NOT want the latter in this club, thank you.
4. you can make your characters as powerful as you want but if you take on another member's OC make sure its a fair fight.
4.5. That said, making your characters more powerful than a large number of canon characters (Reimu, Yukari, and Marisa in particular) is a very bad idea and turns your character into a Mary Sue.
5. hope you all enjoy your stay and have fun.
7. Do not take offense or blow up at critiscim; it may be helpful for you and others, and the other party may be doing it just to help you.
8. If a problem arises, such as a flame war, do NOT try to stop it yourself. Take it to the admins.


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Submit a comic ONCE and only to the appropriate folder.
Well seems there is enougth demand.

so if you want to take part simply leave a comment here or make a comic (comic if you want to have more fun :))

comment with what character you want, atleast one for each person though no more than 3 (otherwise huge cast) and sugest weapons, tracks and karts.

if you want to sugest a weapon track or kart please include a discription, we shall discuss amoung the admins about the prospect of canons and canon locations.


Character: Zero.  weight heavy (he is wearing armour remeber)

kart : eclipse wheels (bike)

track: Zero's castle, cause we need a bowsers castle style track, although starting out in the lunar palace gardens it leads into Zero's devine space to a camelot style castle, probably a track split into 3 parts rather than going round it 3 times, think warios mountain or rainbow road 64 on mario kart 8.

weapon: ... ok I havent thought up one yet. but it would include a discription of what it looks like (if you dont have a picture) and a discription of what it does.

once we have a good enougth selection of characrters we shall decide who gets baby versions.  

If you want to design what the vehicles and tracks look like you are more than welcome, infact we encurage it, though I dont expect many people to acivly draw the tracks given the size.
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